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GPS Systems for the Earthmoving Contractor in Sydney,Australia

The leap in technological advancements of GPS technology is transforming the earthmoving sites.GPS,when applied in the earthmoving sector,can be a viable asset to increase the overall efficiency of the job.Brarmac Pty Ltd,in cooperation with BaoBao Industrial,developd a 10.1 inch ultra rugged industrial computer with GPS systems for the earthmoving contractor in Sydney,Australia. The 10.1 inch ultra rugged industrial computer,with GPS system allow the machine operator to use accurate real-time position information to make decisions based on actual grade and design features.some heavy equipment guidence systems can even operate the machine’s implenments automatically from a set design create for the particular job site.
0902040608Project discussions,first sampleorderedAdapting Zuljana's pc for BraemacGPS technologyCustomizingBIOS,driverand OS settingsDesigning safeand reliablefixation solutionZuljana devices onthe whole productionline and an ongoingon-site service
industrial touch screen monitors
industrial touch screen monitors

Access Control Application

In an age where everything is being tracked and mentioned,meeting room availability and privacy remain an important factor in areas where important meeting take place,i.e.office,educational institution,or techology research facility.As a result,having the right device to grant access control,and also indicate room availability can save time for employees while maintaining strict meeting confidentiality at all times. BaoBao Industrial have developed a comprehensive,multi-touch screen panel PC that can be used to booking meeting rooms,grant access control,and display vital meeting room information.With a touchsceeen panel outside each meeting room,attendees can view room availability upon entry,view information on a pending booking,or making booings for a later time on the touchsceeen device itself.Plus,these panel PCs help to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the room during the period booked with its RFID access control.Not to mention the RGB LED lightbar indicators to provide clear information on the availability of the meeting rooms.Currently,the panel PCs are serving companies.and colleges across UK.

090202040608Initial productFirst SAWsample realizedFirst SAWproduction runFirst PCAPsample realizedEnhanced PCAP sample with optical bonding and Gorilla glassFirst PCAPproduction run

Self-service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are now being part of our daily lives from ticketing,restaurants to retail and more,as an increasing amount of hospitality operators are looking to delivering the consumers expectation and loyalty.As a result BaoBao Industries partnership with CrestWave technologies LLC on for the deployment of self-service kiosk within retail and hospitality sectors. Core Product used in this project was IP69K 21.5 and 32 inch PCAP industrial Touchsceeen Monitor. Main Challednges Corrosion resistant SU304 Alumium Housing with IP69K Water,Dust Protection The PCAP Industrial TouchScreen Monitor is corrosion,water and dustproof.No matter the device is installed indoor or out door,it is designed for easy cleaning and avoiding dust and water clogged on the sdges while providing durability in harsh environments. Multi-touch projected capacitive touch With the adoption of PCAP technology,any individual gets to enjoy a user-friendly multi-touch experience.
1102051008Project Specifications cpmpletedFirts Sample RealizedProduction LaunchedFloor Standing Unit Completed
Industrial Touch Screen Monitors
POS System

Grocery Store E-Trolley

With even standard brick and mortar retail stores moving towards providing online retail options, a grocery chain end customer was looking for a total solution for store employees to pick out grocery items with a specialized trolley. The solution integrator needed a Embedded Panel PC to be their point-of-sale machine for online grocery orders. Zuljana was able to provide a 10.1-inch Embedded Panel PC full IP65 Windows Tablet that fulfilled the needs of the customer.The PC with a vehicle dock, built-in barcode reader and high capacity battery along with various ports and wireless connectivity options to integrate information from a scale for fruits and vegetables, as well as a wireless receipt printer. With this “E-Trolley” total solution, store personnel were able to receive an online order, move around the physical grocery store to pick and scan items and send them for delivery with this single integrated cart with a Winmate Tablet as the central point-of-sale system.
041105100811First SpecsFirts Sample PresentedStart Field Test With 50 Grocery Store E-TrolleyRedesigned ProductRegular lot order BeginsReady to Sell for European Market

Shopping Mall Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signages have become a visual communication method that changed the face of our public spaces by delivery various exciting ways to engage with customers,improve architecture ambiance,strengthen brand awareness,increase revenue and much more.For specliast Apps Limited we developed waterproof ,55 inch Capacitive Touchsceeen Kiosk for the demanding usage in department stores or shopping malls all over the world.These digital signages carry news,sport,weather details,store occupancy infornation,restaurant menu,and targeted ads that will appeal to viewers;once needed,they can also act as the terminal that displays emergency alerts.To make installation safe and easy Zuljana added polarity protection,to make the long term operation reliable Zuljana included overvoltage protection and made the units surviving the harshest load dump tests,passing successful even 174V @ 10hm for 350ms.Additional buttons make Zuljana’s 55 inch Touchscreen Kiosk the perfect choice for operation in any place.
1002081102Project DiscussionsFirst SamlerealizedARAI Tests passedFirst Installationsin PolandProject Rolls Out
Industrial Touch Screen Monitors
Office Front Desk - Zuljana - Shenzhen BaoBao Industrial Co., Ltd
Office Front Desk - Zuljana - Shenzhen BaoBao Industrial Co., Ltd


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