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Frameless touchscreen monitors solution for Beverage Vending Equipment
2021-09-28 16:17
Frameless touchscreen monitors solution
Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor

As the adoption of capacitive touch interfaces rapidly, the use of conventional mechanical keys with limited functions are effectively being replaced. Panels with user-friendly designs can be operated using actions such as finger touches and swipe motions. Capacitive touch technology allows even devices designed for complex and highly skilled operations with intuitive finger movements.

As the capacitive touch operation scene expands, panel sensitivity and high-noise resistance have become key requirements in achieving accurate switching movements and sophisticated operational performance. There is also a demand for features involving environmental tolerance to water, dirt or temperature variations. In addition to these requirements, development periods and costs are also hurdles that need to be considered and overcome.

General front panels thickness is about 2mm ~ 4mm, the thicker the front panel will reduce the sensitivity of the touch display, thicker glass means heavier weight and puts forward design requirements for the structure of the product.

Zuljana offer touch technology extends and swells the PCAP touch sending field that penetrates up to 12 mm tempered thick glass panel. Which will allow touchscreens to be operated behind a glass partition. 

This solution is designed for an overseas beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing company. The client had communicated with several other suppliers and finally decided to cooperate with us. After resuming the client’s previous communication with other suppliers.

We had a meeting about detail requirements with their technical manager.

2 Key points:

1.For public safety considerations, the thickness of the front panel needs to be increased without reducing the sensitivity of touch;

2.Adopt frameless design which will be easier to install in their machine and overall appearance is more beautiful;

After communication, we offer prototype drawing design for the client and more details were finalized on the prototype drawing, including the installation and socket connection.

After the design drawing was confirmed, we made a sample for the client, send to client at first time.

Many problems were encountered during this process. Through remote debugging and communication, the customer’s project was finally completed within 7 days. The customer was very satisfied with the product, and later 50 units, 100 units, and 500 units were ordered in batches.


  1. Frameless,easy to install
  2. IP65 waterproof and dustproof for front panel
  3. With 6 mm tempered glass, anti-vandal design;
  4. Industrial LCD panel with wide viewing angle, high nits, and true color.


  1. Industrial control cabinet
  2. Human Machine Interface
  3. Supervisory control and data acquisition
  4. Welding Industry
  5. CNC machinery control
  6. Numerical control device
  7. Industrial automation
  8. Registered machine
  9. Self-service payment machine
  10. ATM machine

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