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Vending Machine Touch Screen Monitor

An innovative vending machine is an exceptional shopping experience for the customers. They usually use high-definition touch screen displays to represent high-quality product animation and photos.

Zuljana is launching touch screen displays for vending machines which will be very beneficial for the consumers in many ways. Zuljana makes the software to manage and power attractive, interactive touch screen machines. These systems allow the operator to sell products at a high level. These products can be visualized on the touch screen in many ways which enables much stronger sales experiences than traditional vending machine touch screen. The Zuljana system enables ad-based revenue streams with support for content-managed digital advertising and also free transactions revenue.

Our Zuljana touch screen designs a pack of tons of features into straightforward user experiences. Zuljana has a big bold screen that covers the front of your machine and attracts a lot, or maybe your products are beautiful, so you want a glass window with a small or mini touch screen off to the side.

Zuljana vending machines are revolutionary innovations changing the world of retail and for many other purposes. Now, with the help of Zuljana touch screen displays you can just touch a button, they can conveniently grab a snack or any other item you want to purchase, thanks to Zuljana industrial touchscreen monitors .

Touch Screens for Self-Service Kiosk


Now more than ever, providing the best consumer experience has become a high priority of successful entrepreneurs, which is why it only makes sense that self-service solutions like kiosks are becoming more and more commonplace.

 Using across various industries, a self-service kiosk usually involves a terminal or a touchscreen monitors. The electronic self-service kiosk is a system that admits a user to serve themselves services or supply themselves with information.

They are installed and adjusted in any sort of environment. They are mainly located in shopping malls, train stations, shopping malls, cinemas, private enterprises, and supermarkets, or can also be found on the streets.

Touchscreen Vending Machine Located Everywhere Around Us

Vending machines are a convenient way to purchase snacks and drinks. Vending machines are often located in places where people have to wait, such as airports, bus stations, and hospitals. They are also common in schools and workplaces. It is a very convenient tool that we use to get snacks or drinks when we want them. However, sometimes they can be a bit of a mystery. How do you know what button to push to get the item you want? Here is a quick guide on how to use a touch screen vending machine:

To start, find the item you want in the machine. Most machines have a display that shows what is available and the price of each item. Once you have found the item, insert your money into the slot. The machine will take coins or paper bills. If you inserted paper bills, the machine will give you a change if necessary.

Then, press the button corresponding to the item you want. In some cases, you may need to select the quantity of the item. For example, if you want two cans of soda, you would press the button twice. The machine will dispense your item and give you any change that is due.

That’s all there is to it! Vending machines are quick and easy.


Most Hotel Laundry Machines are equipped with BaoBao Open frame

Most Hotel Laundry Machines are equipped with BaoBao Open frame

A laundry machine is a necessity for frequent travelers who spend most of their time in hotels. Such specific customers demand your laundry facility is equipped with the latest Self-service Payment solution to save their time and eliminate the need for coins. Besides, it adds value to your property and attracts new residents.

BaoBao engineers understood the requirement of this market and developed a touchscreen all-in-one computer that can easily install in these laundry machines. The first thing we knew is that in laundry facilities customers’ hands get wet during washing so the touch panel should work in wet conditions. The second Touch device should work 24/7 and it should be completely waterproof.

Our touchscreen one computer solutions have been carefully customized to fulfill the specific needs of this laundry Machines sector which include hard glass protection, Android OS, no battery, improved LED backlight for a longer panel lifetime, USB Hub Port, and an external connector to control and switch on the laundry machines allowing easy reset and remote configuration.



Self-service kiosks help deliver fast service, accurate orders, liberating experiences, and increased profits.

  • Increase throughput and transaction size during peak hours.
  • Reduce queue and waiting times.
  • Free up employees to handle higher-level tasks and boost customer service.
  • Optimize transaction flow.


Zuljana is already dealing with one of the major European vending machine producers and developed for them a tailor-made display solution to fulfill specific requirements and features.


Available in different sizes, our toughened Hard Glass fronted LED Monitors (7H hardness rating) are designed specifically for schools, colleges, and universities, offering protection from impacts and dirt for a long-life solution.

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