Touchscreen Monitor

ip65 aluminum touch screen monitor

ip65 aluminum touch screen monitor

1.1mm Cover Glass With
7H Surface Hardness

Anti-glare surface Treatment (Chemical etching)

Optical Bonded
Touch panel to LCD panel

10-Fingure-Multitouch Capacitive Touch Panel

Zuljana is among the most relied-on ip65 aluminum touch screen monitor manufacturers with years of experience offering significant OEMs throughout all markets. Touchscreen monitors solutions are known for their performance in a few of the toughest applications. Our sensors are customized to your one-of-a -kind application requirements based mainly on projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen monitors technology. BaoBao Industrial additionally supplies integration with custom touchscreen monitors LCD/OLED displays, cover lenses, and also peripherals.

Zuljana’s 10 Inch Capacitive Touch Monitors have a modern sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass IP65 water- and dust proof front panels.

High brightness Display & Capacitive touch panel

Wear resistant Works with water Exceptional optics High-resolution abilities Touch

coordinates are drift free Operates in environmental extremes Multi-touch capable – up to 10 fingers Works with finger, gloves and any pointing device Plastic versions are light-weight and ak-resistant Flexible sensors can be contoured to curved surfaces


No dead


Pen Thickness variation


Anti Shatter

All Weather
sunlight readable

Vibration and High n Low Temperature Stress Tested and Certified

Outperforms Outdoors in Any Weather Condition and
under the Harshest of Environments

  • Rain Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Humidity Proof
  • High and Low Temperature Resistant
IP65 Aluminum Touch Screen Monitor
Optical bonding

Optical bonding is the process of gluing the touchscreen glass to the LCD cell in order to completely fill the air gap between them. This is done to improve overall performance, decrease the total display weight, and make the touchscreen sturdier.

Clear Display

Images shown on a monitor are reflections generated by light from the LCD module passing through the gap and the panel. The gap and panel have different refractive indexes, causing the light to bend when it passes through them. This results in a loss in its intensity, affecting the screen’s readability.

Increased Physical Durability

The additional resin layer in optical bonding also provides increased physical durability to the screen. Eliminating the gap between the LCD module and the panel increases the screen’s resistance t scratches, dust, and fluids.

Glare Reduction

When light from an external source passes through the panel and the gap, refraction causes some of it to be reflected back, creating glare on the screen. The increased light transmission of a screen with optical bonding significantly reduces glare from external light sources.

No Condensation

In environments with wide temperature ranges, it is common for condensation to cause screens to become foggy from moisture that penetrates the air gap. A monitor with optical bonding fills the gap to prevent condensation from occurring for improved readability.

Accurate Touch Experience

For touch monitors, the panel thickness influences touch accuracy and can affect usability with both touch pens and bare hands. A touch monitor with optical bonding maintains consistently accurate touch response making it easy to use and reliable.

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