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Touchscreen Monitor

Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

We provide a wide selection of industrial touch screen monitor and industrial PCs in different sizes. Choose from our range of products that include rugged, IP65 and IP67 rated touch screen monitor to meet your requirements.

Zuljana is among the most relied-on Touchscreen Monitors manufacturers with years of experience offering significant OEMs throughout all markets. Touchscreen monitors solutions are known for their performance in a few of the toughest applications. Our sensors are customized to your one-of-a -kind application requirements based mainly on projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen monitors technology. BaoBao Industrial additionally supplies integration with custom touchscreen monitors LCD/OLED displays, cover lenses, and also peripherals.

Driver support for all the current operating system
It is a touch screen monitor which provides complete driver support for all the current operating system and time, allowing users to have the best experienced.

A+ QUALITY LED backlight panels

Heavy-duty, high-resolution LED backlight panels have been designed to withstand extreme environments and are available in various sizes as per your requirement.

Patented IP65
front with Silicon Seal
The most common
video connectors available
Reinforced front glass

10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel

The 10-Finger Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel is a high resolution touch screen that uses your fingers to make a wide range of functions and work on the computer.

High resolution LCD Panels

A custom touch display solution for product design engineers and manufacturers is the best approach to meet their distinct application needs. Looking to us to be your capacitive touchscreen monitors manufacturer indicates you get the experience and expertise of our internal design team. As we work with you to design a custom PCAP touch display, we’ll offer you data-based referrals as well as enthusiastic support. The knowledge we offer our customers has led to a tried and tested track record of success, despite one of the most requiring applications.

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