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Zuljana High Brightness Monitor

Industrial Grade Quality and Performance
Sunlight Readable Screen, Built For Outdoor Environments

Zuljana high brightness industrial monitor

suitable for outdoor use, featuring powerful LED backlight and providing a brightness of up to 2500 cd/m²


Iin areas that have large amount of ambient light such as outside under direct sun, the content on TFT touchscreen monitors LCD displays that have normal brightness can be difficult to read due to the brightness of the sun is significantly greater than the contrast of the monitor. Even though a display that has lower than 500 Cd/m2 of brightness and a 2:1 contrast ratio is visible in outdoor settings however, it appears dull and faded. Reflections from the display can smudge the images that are displayed on screen. BaoBao monitors with High Bright ratings allow users to view clear, sharp images even when bright industrial lights or direct sunlight
directly onto the display. This is made possible by an array of LEDs that are industry-leading backlights with a brightness range of 1000-2500 cd/m2 as well as anti-glare coatings as well as Optical bonding.


Its anti-glare (AG) coatings that are applied to the glass are extremely effective under harsh ambient lighting conditions. The process of manufacturing AG glass is broken down in physical AG and chemical Etching AG methods. Physical AG method consists of the use of a glass surface spraying process and a jet of water technique and chemicals AG method is an etching technique for glass surfaces.
Zuljana production generally employs AG chemical the etching. This is the process of changing of the glass’s surface an untextured surface to a surface with micron particles by an chemical reaction. A
microscopically rough and rough surface on display is able to disperse glare and decrease reflections by scattering light to its surface. The principle of the process is complex and is a result of the equilibrium of ionization, chemical reaction dissolution and recrystallization Ion exchange, and various other reactions.
BaoBao monitors AG coating can increase the contrast of your display by increasing the light
transmission rate to 95%. This can reduce mirror images. The coating can also reduce the brightness of light sources that are direct within the reflective area of the area in which it is viewed.


Optical bonding can improve the visibility of touchscreen monitors in sun or other bright situations. When you have a touchscreen monitor the sensor for the touchscreen along with the LCD display are two separate components. The touchscreen is positioned behind the LCD surface and there’s only a tiny air gap between the two components. When sunlight enters the layer of touchscreen, a small quantity of light is reflecting off the LCD’s surface and touchscreen. This reflection can reduce the viewability of LCDs.
The process of optical bonding is that uses a clear, optical-grade adhesive gel is positioned between the touchscreen and the LCD in order to improve its readability in bright sunlight, or high-humidity
outdoors. This technique removes air gaps and bubbles that form between the glass cover and the
display , and also reduces reflections. Additionally the contrast ratio is increased because reflections are less. The optical bonding process also removes condensation and internal moisture. Furthermore, it makes the monitor more robust and robust. The ability to control reflections dramatically enhances its performance monitor in any lighting situation.

Driver Board

Wide Temperature
High Brightness
LCD Screen

Auto Dimming



Anti-Electromagnetic Interference

High Performance
Low Power



Each touchscreen monitor comes with the LCD screen. The panel is comprised of an extremely thin layer of LCD pixels. Each one of the pixels has a red blue or green rectangular. Each rectangle is a tiny lens which may be adjusted in order to allow different levels of light to enter. The colors displayed on the screen are determined by the amount of the light passes through the elements of every one of the pixels. The light is emitted by the LED backlight that is behind the pixels which radiate white light. Also, there’s an area of diffusing light that lies between the backlight of LED as well as the LCD pixels. The material
diffusing light diffuses the light of each individual LED backlight, so they are not visible as glowing spots on the screen.


The term “lumennce” or brightness refers to the science term that describes the visible brightness of an object. It is measured by candelas per square meters (cd/m2) or nuclei.
It is the most important aspect of image quality. The importance of brightness is heightened because our brains respond more positively to brightly lit scenes and objects. The majority of users are attracted by displays that are brighter and look more appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend. Even in indoor settings in which a TFT LCD with brightness at 250 cd/m2 is attractive but a sun-readable High Bright display with a the brightness range of 1,000 cd/m2 is much more appealing. BaoBao High Bright displays offer a range of brightness from 1000-2500 cd/m2, allowing you to pick the ideal display for your requirements.

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The contrast proportion (CR) refers to the amount of brightness in that bright “white” and the darkest “black” that can be produced by a display. CR is another important factor in judging the quality of the image. If a photo has a an CR that is high, you’ll think it is more crisp and sharp than pictures with a lower CR.
But, the contrast ratio of the same device determined under normal lighting is dramatically reduced due to reflection from the surface (glare). This is because surface reflection increases the brightness by more than 200 cd/m2 for both black and white that is produced on the screen. The CR decreases and the quality of the image is significantly diminished. BaoBao Monitors with High Bright come with a CR as high as 4000:1 to ensure high quality images.


It is at this angle that images on the display decreases and is no longer suitable for the intended use. When an observer shifts to the side of the screen, the images displayed on the screen diminish by three different ways. The first is that the brightness decreases. The contrast ratio is usually lower when you are at a large angle. Thirdly, the colors could change. Viewing angles are defined by their definition. isn’t
unambiguous as it depends on the application you are using. BaoBao experts can assist you in finding the best touchscreen solution with the correct angle of view for your specific project.


The brightness of the High Bright monitor may be excessive at night, when there isn’t any or very little natural light. BaoBao industrial high Bright monitors come equipped with an auto-dimming sensor. The sensor in the front bezel is able to detect the light coming in and adjusts the brightness of the backlight to match lighting conditions. This is an essential feature to use industrial touchscreens that can be
utilized in both daylight and moonlight.


A backlight with a high brightness will draw a lot of power, and will increase its temperature on the display. The more bright it is the light source, more the issue with thermal. Furthermore, if the monitor is placed in direct sunlight, then additional heat is generated because of the exposure to sunlight.
Problems with temperature can be addressed with the proper thermal management design.
BaoBao HD monitors come with special cooling fans for air. The fans help keep the panels as well as other components at the optimal temperatures that allow the monitors to be constantly in use and guarantees longevity and reliability for touch monitors.


BaoBao high-bright Monitors have a robust design that is protected by an aluminum chassis and an IP65 front bezels that are waterproof. This is perfect for factory wash-down environments, or outdoor usage in harsh weather conditions. The touchscreen is made from resistant to scratches and tough glass.


• As high as 2500cd/m2 of brightness
• 24/7 Usage
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Full HD
• Landscape or Portrait
• Ultra-resistant to blackening and fading
• Extended options for wide temperature
• Multiple video inputs
• Customized solutions available


• Applications for outdoor use (public kiosks as well as open Information POS, law enforcement ATMs)
• HORECA (exhibition signage, hospitality, real estate / estate agents, retail store windows, sports
stadiums, amusement parks)
• Transportation (vehicle computers and traffic control centers railway cars, buses / stations for trains,
mass transit airports)
• Industries (agriculture machines, processing of food plants, manufacturing plants, heavy and
construction equipment, oil and gas pipeline inspection and security applications)
• Military (marine vessels (marine vessels, aerospace GCS (ground control systems for ground control))

To find more options look into our wide selection of high Bright Touch Monitors. We can alter or modify each design to suit your precise needs. High Bright Series monitors are available in a variety of sizes that range from 8” the 55” range with brightness levels that range from 1000 cd/m2 all the way at 2500 to 3500 cd/m2.