Touchscreen Monitor

Embedded Touchscreen Monitor

Shenzhen BaoBao Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in the Design, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Touchscreen monitor, Industrial Panel PC, Self-Service Kiosk, Pos system, Digital Signage , ODM and OEM Projects.

BaoBao Industrial has a wide range of Embedded touchscreen monitor to serve the unique requirements of Smart Retail, Digital Signage, Healthcare, Financial, and Embedded Solution Projects.

We have accumulated 8 years of touch technology expertise, supplied worldwide touch screen products, and improved quick-turn customization capabilities due to which BaoBao Industrial is the Perfect Choice as a Manufacturer for your next-generation Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 or commercial IoT HMI hardware solution.


With production plant in China, BaoBao is able to manufacture and source the highest quality material for reasonable pricing. This includes cell design, assembly, backlight design, cover glass production, touch sensor lamination, mainboard design and optical bonding.

Touching type
Touching Media
Any Object
Touching Points
Single Touch
10 Points Touch
Touching life
≥ 35 Million Time
≥ 50 Million Time
Touch accuracy
≥ 99%
≥ 99%

High brightness Display & Capacitive touch panel

Wear resistant Works with water Exceptional optics High-resolution abilities Touch coordinates are drift free Operates in environmental extremes Multi-touch capable – up to 10 fingers Works with finger, gloves and any pointing device Plastic versions are light-weight and ak-resistant Flexible sensors can be contoured to curved surfaces


No dead


Pen Thickness variation


Anti Shatter

HDMI, VGA Signal Interfaces

Easy integration to all embedded boards and systems, the display is IP65 rated that comes with VGA, HDMI signal interfaces. Both interfaces are easy to use and support most industrial and commercial applications.

Embedded Touchscreen Monitor Installation Process

Types of Embedded Touchscreen Monitors Mounting

Clamps Mounting
Stud Holes Mounting
Open Frame

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