Display Touch Screen

display touch screen

Zuljana is among the most relied-on custom touch screen manufacturers

With years of experience, we can offer significant OEMs in all markets. Our solutions have been proven to be reliable in some of the most difficult applications. We can customize our sensors to meet your unique application needs. Our sensors are based on projection capacitive touch screen technology. BaoBao Industrial also offers display touch screen integration with custom LCD/OLED screens, cover lenses, as well as peripherals. Please slide the bottom to see the details of the size you require.

We are the touch screen manufacturer

The display touch screen, a rapidly-evolving technology that was developed in the 1970s, is designed to provide HMI experience directly. Zuljana's capacitive touch can help her change the world. It works by measuring capacitance changes on touch screen surfaces in order to locate one or more fingers. Complex gestures are supported, as well as full multi-touch function and a sensitive response for slight touches.

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Finger Touch

Finger touch

Auto-identify fingers and support up to 10 touch points

Pen Touch

Pen touch

A passive stylus can be used to identify larger than 1mm pixels. This will make it easier to complete complex commissions and improve comfort.

Glove Touch

Glove touch

Supports single touch 5mm thickness gloves, multi-touch 1mm thickness gloves, and two point touch plus gesture 2mm thickness gloves

Waterproof Touch

Waterproof touch

Track wet fingers accurately, avoid water mistakenly touching the screen and touch function would not make any difference in a wet or frozen environment.

Display Touchscreen

Highly Noise-Resistant

  • You can match hardware and firmware. Respect the RFI and EMI standards.
  • High anti-noise capability, up to 60 Vpp. Increase SNR and reduce phantom touch.
  • An outside display synchronous can reduce the noise generated by LCD.
  • Effectively prevents interference from the noisy power supply

Extreme Low Power Cunsumption

100-240V ACDC active switching; 12V DC-Out

Power (V)
Power (V)
Consumption (W)
Consumption (W)
touchscreen monitor

Zuljana's capacitive touch screen monitor have a modern sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass IP65 water and dust proof front panels.

Suitable for multiple applications

Industrial monitors aren't as well-suited for indoor use as consumer electronics. There are many outdoor working environments, including construction sites and landscaping companies. They can also be used for agricultural production activities or cargo shipping. Our industrial monitors have easy visibility, which can improve productivity and reduce eye strain. Monitors with high brightness function as sunlight-readable industrial screens.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Standard products support finger and glove touch

Comprehensive system support

Supporting wide variety of operating systems (Android, IOS, Linux and Windows)

Optical Bonding

Fannal, a new player in touch display technology, is constantly developing value-added service to increase our competitiveness as well as expand the use of products. Fannal PCAP can be used in many industries, even those that are subject to extreme environments. It is highly reliable and stable. Touch screen must be kept clean in certain conditions. Touch screen may be exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture or subject to shock and impact. These requirements could be met by optical bonding. Fannal has spent a lot to allow PCAP to be fully bonded with TFT and a maximum size of 32 inches.

Benefits after optical bonding

  • Up to 400% increase in sunlight readability
  • Impact resistance can be increased up to 300%
  • Avoid condensation and gasification
  • Extreme conditions not permitted
  • Good for slimmer design
  • Resist to stains, dirt, dust, scratches

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