Touchscreen Monitor

best industrial touch screen monitor

Shenzhen BaoBao Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in the Design, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Touchscreen monitor, Industrial Panel PC, Self-Service Kiosk, Pos system, Digital Signage , ODM and OEM Projects.

best industrial touch screen monitor

1.1mm Cover Glass With
7H Surface Hardness

Anti-glare surface Treatment (Chemical etching)

Optical Bonded
Touch panel to LCD panel

10-Fingure-Multitouch Capacitive Touch Panel

Zuljana is among the most relied-on custom touch screen manufacturers

with years of experience offering significant OEMs throughout all markets. Our solutions are known for their performance in a few of the toughest applications. Our sensors are customized to your one-of-a -kind application requirements based mainly on projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen technology. BaoBao Industrial additionally supplies best industrial touch screen monitor integration with custom LCD/OLED displays, cover lenses, and also peripherals. Provide 7-inch to 55-inch touch screen, please slide the bottom and click to view the detailed parameters of the corresponding size, or contact us to send you!

High brightness Display & Capacitive touch panel

Wear resistant Works with water Exceptional optics High-resolution abilities Touch coordinates are drift free Operates in environmental extremes Multi-touch capable – up to 10 fingers Works with finger, gloves and any pointing device Plastic versions are light-weight and ak-resistant Flexible sensors can be contoured to curved surfaces


No dead


Pen Thickness variation


Anti Shatter

Temperature enhanced rugged displays to go where you need them

Extreme temperatures can cause a number for problems for LCD displays. An inexpensive computer monitor, the kind you buy at your local big box store or from a commodity supplier in Asia, may have an operating temperature range of 0° C to 32 or 40° C. That’s fine for most office uses but is inadequate for many industrial applications. To meet the operating temperature requirements of our industrial customers, all IEE industrial displays start with an extended range (-10° to 60° C) panel from one of several leading glass manufacturers.

If these extended operating ranges are not sufficient, IEE can further enhance the displays by adding auxiliary fans and heaters to mitigate the effects of hot or cold environments. Custom fans can be designed to accommodate your case and we can optically bond transparent heaters to the front of the LCD with a minimal impact on image quality. For extreme heat conditions, we can even replace the stock backlighting system with one rated up to 60° C.

Interfaces & Wide Voltage Power
Compatible with HDMI (support 4K 30Hz) and VGA signals. Also, the touch driver loaded by USB can realize the touch operation on the screen. Built-in high level components to support 12 to 24V power supply voltage, allows to be used in more places.
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