Touchscreen Monitor

10 inch touch screen monitor with hdmi

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10 inch touch screen
monitor with hdmi

1.1mm Cover Glass With
7H Surface Hardness

Anti-glare surface Treatment (Chemical etching)

Optical Bonded
Touch panel to LCD panel

10-Fingure-Multitouch Capacitive Touch Panel

Zuljana’s 10 inch touch screen monitor with HDMI have a modern sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass IP65 water- and dust proof front panels.

Model: ZL097TMBCAP

CATEGORIE: Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor

Zuljana’s Capacitive Touch Monitors have a modern sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass IP65 water- and dust proof front panels. Compared with consumer electronics, industrial monitors are not designed only for optimal use inside. Outdoor working environments ranging from landscaping companies to construction sites, from agricultural production activities to cargo shipment. Touch Think offers industrial monitors with easy visibility to improve productivity, reduce eye strain. High brightness monitors function as sunlight-readable industrial monitors.

High brightness Display & Capacitive touch panel

Wear resistant Works with water Exceptional optics High-resolution abilities Touch coordinates are drift free Operates in environmental extremes Multi-touch capable – up to 10 fingers Works with finger, gloves and any pointing device Plastic versions are light-weight and ak-resistant Flexible sensors can be contoured to curved surfaces


No dead


Pen Thickness variation


Anti Shatter

Under all Kind of Harsh Conditions Still Stable Operation

low temperature -200C
High temprature 700C
abominable environment

What Are Touch Panels?

Quite simply, touch panels, which are also known as touchscreens or touch monitors, are tools that allow people to operate computers through direct touch. More specifically, via the use of internal sensors, a user’s touch is detected, then translated, into an instructional command that parlays into visible function.

Resistive Touch

Resistive touch panels are cost-effective variants that detect commands by way of pressure placed on the screen. This pressure sensitivity is generally limited to single-point touch, with a 20-inch maximum screen, which is fine for many usage cases. These range from styluses to fingertips. As a result, if used correctly, resistive touch panels will remain functional even if a water drop has landed on the screen.

Optical Imaging Touch

Light, and the disruption thereof, is not just a great way to produce a shadow, but also to design a touch panel type. To take advantage of this principle, optical imaging touch panels are designed to sense touch through infrared cameras and the disruption of light strips. This can be achieved through any input you want, across its 100-inch maximum size, from gloves to bare hands, and beyond.

Projected Capacitive Touch

If you identify with the phrase, “go with what you know”, then projected capacitive touch panels are the touch panel type for you. For now, you can guess where you know it from.

By way of their electrical-based touch detection, Projected Capacitive touch panels are known for their high precision and high-speed response times. What’s more is that they possess multi-touch functionality and can be used within small, compact, yet expensive, devices. Due to their underlying technology, it has proven challenging to scale up to larger sizes. Figured it out yet?

Infrared Touch

Some like it hot and some don’t. Infrared touch panels definitely fall into the latter category. By setting up a grid of infrared beams across the panel, which may be up to 150-inches, touch is detected by way of this panel’s disruption.

Although infrared touch panels are durable and support multi-touch functionality, it does possess one potential drawback. Depending on where you sit, literally.

One monitor, many ports

It doesn’t get easier than this: You can connect most of your devices, such as PC, laptop
or cameras directly to the monitor because the monitor has a number of different ports.
That makes your daily work easier.
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